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We don't force you into predesigned store templates. Our design engineers work with your existing website to keep your branding and experience consistent. If your homepage uses responsive design, we'll configure your store accordingly. The shopping experience our software creates for your customers is second to none (for both PC and mobile shoppers).


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Photo & Metadata with Adobe Bridge

Embedding metadata in digital images using Adobe Bridge....... Adobe provides a  way for Creative Suite users to embed metadata in images. It can be entered in directly to the metadata panel within Bridge. This direct writing of the metadata is important, since when using Bridge, you can change the descriptive information for a JPEG image without subjecting it to an additional round of compression.


Metadata has phenomenal potential for the photography industry. For example, suppose two photographers are on assignment and shoot from the identical position with identical lighting. For all practical purposes, the images would be identical, and you would be unable to differentiate who shot which image. By using metadata, you would be able to see the serial number of the camera body and the owner’s copyright, providing conclusive proof of ownership. Credit and original artical by Jeff Schewe
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